The African Light Source (AfLS) Foundation is mandated to drive the progress along the Roadmap towards the establishment of a sovereign Advanced Light Source on the African Continent. AfLS team is working on the Conceptual Design Report (CDR) that will study and answer the questions of What, When, How and Why? ASNAEM was recently invited to join the CDR team and assist in preparing the final CDR document. The ASNAEM committee agreed as there is good alignment and potential synergy between the two sister projects. ASNAEM representatives attended the recent AfLS CDR Team meeting and provided valuable input on the document preparation procedure that was well received.

ASNAEM Half Day Research Meeting

The ASNAEM half-day research meeting was held on 10th July via Zoom online and aimed to highlight existing and identify new areas of collaborative research aligned with ASNAEM's objectives. The event was well attanded with over 50 delegates and delivered an exciting series of talks by expert speakers on topics ranging from advanced energy materials to synchrotron science. At the conclusion of the event, it was clear that there is significant interest in the use of synchrotron techniques for developing new materials for energy applications.

ASNAEM goes to South Africa

ASNAEM was invited to present at the SA-ESRF Light Source Conference. The conference focuses on the scientific Association of South Africa with the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble, France- especially in light of the currently ongoing upgrades. A key aim is to grow the South African synchrotron user community by highlighting the versatility and cutting-edge nature of the ESRF infrastructure. The Programme includes alternating plenary and plenary and workshop sessions on Monday and Tuesday. The ASNAEM talk will discuss the activities of the ASNAEM project and our vision for synchrotron science at the AfLS.

ASNAEM Beamtime at Diamond

ASNAEM Submits first beamtime proposal to Diamond.

ASNAEM Official Launch

ASNAEM was officially launched. Our first meeting laid the foudations for future activities on the project.